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Destination Spa Resorts and Kids


Spa Resorts and KidsTraveling with children can be tiring, and can take out the relaxation of any trip. But, if vacationing with your kids is non-negotiable, then you have to choose a perfect place where you can unwind, and where your kids can have fun, too. With that, you may want to consider going to a destination spa resort.

What Are Destination Spa Resorts?

So, what exactly are destination spa resorts, and what do you expect to do there?

A destination spa is a lodging facility, much like a resort or a hotel. However, aside from providing the usual amenities like pools, Jacuzzis and gyms, destination spa resorts are much more. This is because they offer facilities that promote relaxation and help guests foster a healthy lifestyle. Destination spa resorts usually include spa services like:

- Body treatments (like body scrubs and wraps)
- Facial treatments
- Hair treatments (like hot oil and deep conditioning)
- Hair removal services like waxing (like waxing and threading)
- Hand and nail treatments (manicures and pedicures)
- Hot bath (Jacuzzi and saunas)
- Fitness consultations
- Fitness classes (like aerobics, yoga, boxing, Pilates and the like)
- Cooking classes
- Nutrition consultations
- Massages

Destination spa resorts were traditionally built in areas with hot springs, but that is no longer the case today. There are many destination spa resorts all over the country, and some of them may even be close to home.

Most destination spa resorts offer services similar to that of a day spa or beauty salon. But instead of simply visiting the venue for the day, guests can stay there overnight or for several days and indulge in as many procedures and treatments as they like. Some destination spa resorts have a fixed itinerary for their guests, but other resorts allow you to pick your own services and treatments of choice.

Bringing Your Kids Along to a Spa Resort

Destination spa resorts might be an enticing place for adults, but are they also great for kids? Well, first you have to look for a destination spa resort that is kid-friendly.

Many traditional spa destination resorts are off limits to children – because the idea of going to a spa is to relax after all. Ideally, children (especially small ones) are not usually welcome because spas are supposed to be relaxing and quiet, and traditional spa treatments are not quite fun for young children. However, more and more venues are now becoming family-friendly, offering activities for young children and teenagers.

Some spa resorts have a Kids Club or Kids play area where children can run around and be noisy while parents enjoy their spa treatments. Some venues also offer baby-sitting services which you can avail, too.

Teenagers are generally welcome in destination spas, but there are some treatments and services which may be off limits for teenagers too

The idea of visiting a spa destination resort is to relax and unwind away from home and away from your kids, as well; however, there are times when you really need to bring them along on a vacation. When you do bring them along that does not mean that you cannot enjoy, too.

Check out some great destination spa resorts and if they have amenities that can cater to your kids.


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