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Hydrotherapy Pool Destination spas and spa retreats are usually up to date with the most innovative spa treatments and facilities. Like so much of the modern day spa culture, many new trends originate in Europe and others have evolved from ancient beliefs and practices. Here are some of the newest in spa trends.

THALASSOTHERAPY which comes from the Greek word thalassa for sea and therapeia for healing, concerns itself with the therapeutic effects and natural healing properties of seawater and salt baths. A destination spa or spa retreat, which has access to saline springs, a seaside location or alkaline lake, may offer Thalassotherapy sea weed wraps, mud baths and sea-bathing therapy in addition to their regular spa treatments. The primary objective of Thalassotherapy is to improve overall blood circulation and cell rejuvenation by activating the body’s own healing powers. The chemical make-up of seawater is very similar to human blood and therefore an integral part of Thalassotherapy is immersion in warm seawater, which helps the body to absorb necessary minerals and ions, such as calcium sulphates, potassium and magnesium. Regular Thalassotherapy treatments can help to replenish and restore these vital minerals, which are often depleted as a result of poor diet, stress and pollution. Due to the sodium chloride content in sea water, sea salt bathing is often recommended by Thalasso therapists for a variety of medicinal purposes.

The many benefits of Thalassotherapy include the following:

- Improved circulation, toning and moisturizing of the skin
- Improved immune system and cardiovascular functioning
- Increased metabolism to aid weight loss
- Cellulite reduction by detoxification treatments
- Reduces muscle aches and pains, tension and stress
- Relieves psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions
A recent development of Thalasso therapy is the hydrotherapy pool, which utilizes pressurized jets of warm sea water from strategically placed spouts, jets and waterfalls to massage the different body areas with varying degrees of intensity. Specifically designed seats built into the pool, ensure that each part of the body receives the correct amount of water pressure. Pioneered by French and Spanish Thalassotherapy enthusiasts, the hydrotherapy pool is used to treat arthritis, joint pain and aching muscles and can now be found in North America at select destination spa and spa retreats.

Due to its immense following and success in Europe, Thalassotherapy treatments and pools will almost certainly become increasingly available to North American destination spa goers, within a relatively short period of time.

SPA LABYRINTHS are becoming a popular staple at spa retreats and wellness centers as an aid to meditation. Not to be confused with a maze, a labyrinth is a circular path that moves in a clockwise direction from the entrance to the center. The same path is used to enter and exit the labyrinth. The purpose of walking a labyrinth is to take a spiritual journey or pilgrimage in three stages. First you walk toward the centre while clearing the mind of negative thoughts and distractions; at the center you pause to reflect and receive new insights; walking back out signifies an awakening and renewed openness as you rejoin the outside world.

The labyrinth goes back thousands of years and has its roots in many ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, Native American Hopi, Celts and Greeks and has many mystical, symbolic meanings and patterns. Classical labyrinths usually consist of seven, eleven or twelve circuits, the latter representing the 12 months of the year. One of the most famous patterns is the eleven-circuit medieval labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France.

Many spa retreats find that walking the labyrinth enables their guests to meditate more successfully than the more conventional methods, and as such is a welcome addition to any wellness center facility or spa destination.

If you are interested in benefiting from and experiencing personally, either one of these relatively new trends, SpaSeeker will help you locate the destination spa or spa retreat, which can offer you these services, as well as many other excellent spa treatments and spa therapies.


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