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Spa WellnessSpa Wellness Centers and destination spas are gearing up to accommodate the flood of ageing Baby Boomers seeking to maintain health, appearance and active mobility well into old age.

As evidenced by the four so-called Blue Zones, (Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Lind and Ikaria) where more people per capita live to be over 100 years old than anywhere else, the secret to a healthy long life is actually very simple:

- Healthy diet
- Daily Exercise
- Low stress
- Purpose and Meaning

Spa Wellness Centers and destinations spas are designed to help teach adults of all ages how to incorporate these essential elements into their daily routines so as to promote a healthy longevity.

Spa Getaways and Destination Spa Vacations will help guests to increase their awareness and knowledge on how to achieve and maintain these four simple elements for a longer, happier and healthier life.

Destination spas and Wellness Center dieticians, well known for their expertise in preparing delicious and nutritious foods, will introduce you to a healthy and satisfying diet of fresh fruit, fish, nuts and vegetables, low in meats, fats and sugar. As the palate and body become accustomed to eating correctly, huge benefits will occur such as weight loss, increased energy, a stronger immune system and a better quality of life.

Spa Wellness Centers and destination spas usually provide various indoor and outdoor spa activities to encourage regular daily exercise depending on fitness level and ability. Yoga classes are usually available as well as more strenuous exercise routines. This ongoing physical activity supervised by trained staff will gradually adapt the body to enjoy regular exercise for long lasting physical benefits such as increased muscle tone and strength and a lower heart rate.

Spa Wellness Centers and destination spas usually incorporate some form of meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness exercises to quiet the mind and create calm and serenity, important components toward a more stress-free life. This will help to lower Cortisol levels, a harmful hormone produced in response to stress. These simple and easy to do breathing and meditative exercises if practised regularly, often result in an overall feeling of well-being that brings new meaning and purpose to life and greatly improves daily interaction with loved ones, family and friends.

In addition to a sustained and healthier approach to promote longevity, Spa Wellness Centers and destination spas offer a full range of spa rejuvenating treatments for a more youthful look to harmonize with your more youthful physique and attitude. Also on offer are massages and personal care services plus specialized applications designed to alleviate some of the more common ailments associated with growing older.

Not everyone can be born in a Blue Zone and live to be a 100 or more, but with the qualified and dedicated attention of Spa Wellness Centers and destination spas a long-lasting healthier, happier life-style can be achieved and SpaSeeker has all the information you need in order to help get you started.


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